Illinois General Assembly

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Bills Assigned To Executive Committee
100th General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
HB4290Jerry Costello, II$PRIOR YEAR-PERSONAL SERVICESAssigned to Executive Committee3/7/2018
HB 4495 (HFA 1)André Thapedi House Floor Amendment No. 1 Rules Refers to Executive Committee4/19/2018
HR731Thomas M. BennettDAYLIGHT SAVING TIMEAssigned to Executive Committee4/3/2018
HR766Charles MeierNO PER MILE DRIVING TAXAssigned to Executive Committee4/3/2018
HR877Carol AmmonsNUCLEAR WEAPONS SYSTEMAssigned to Executive Committee4/3/2018
HR887Daniel J. BurkeHUMANE SOCIETY WORK CULTUREAssigned to Executive Committee4/3/2018
HJR91Thomas M. BennettRECOGNIZES - PRES REAGANAssigned to Executive Committee4/3/2018
HJR95Tim ButlerFIRST ILL. GEN ASSEMBLY DAYAssigned to Executive Committee4/3/2018
HJR98Mark BatinickIDOT-INTERSTATE PROJECT AUTHAssigned to Executive Committee4/3/2018
HJR111David S. OlsenGOV. GREEN ARMORYAssigned to Executive Committee4/3/2018
SB576Sam YinglingHUMAN RIGHTS-STAFFS-OFFICIALSAssigned to Executive Committee3/21/2018
SB667Anthony DeLucaCDB-FEDERAL FUNDSAssigned to Executive Committee2/21/2018
SB1286Michael D. UnesINS CD-CAPTIVE INSURERSAssigned to Executive Committee2/12/2018
SB1424Kelly M. CassidyELEC CD-CONTRIBUTION MATCHINGAssigned to Executive Committee2/12/2018
SB2275Frances Ann HurleyPUBLIC QUESTION-MARIJUANAAssigned to Executive Committee3/21/2018
* indicates a special session bill