92nd General Assembly
Status of HB1694
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   50 ILCS 750/10.1          from Ch. 134, par. 40.1                           

        Amends the Emergency Telephone System Act.  Provides  that  9-1-1      
   information  may  be used by public safety agencies for the purpose of      
   placing out-going emergency calls.  Requires  public  safety  agencies      
   using   9-1-1  information  to  place  out-going  emergency  calls  to      
   establish methods and procedures that ensure  the  confidentiality  of      
   the information.                                                            
        HOUSE AMENDMENT NO. 1.                                                 
        Further amends  the  Emergency  Telephone  System  Act.   Defines      
   "emergency"   for   the  purposes  of  the  provision  concerning  the      
   confidentiality of 9-1-1 information.                                       
        SENATE AMENDMENT NO. 1.                                                
        Provides that a municipality  with  a  population  of  more  than      
   500,000  is  not prohibited from using 9-1-1 information in responding      
   to calls made on a non-emergency telephone system that  is  supervised      
   and  controlled  by  a public safety agency and that shares facilities      
   with an emergency telephone system.                                         
   FEB-15-2001  H  FILED WITH CLERK                                               
   FEB-15-2001  H  FIRST READING                                                  
   FEB-15-2001  H  REFERRED TO HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE        RULES                 
   FEB-21-2001  H       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               EXECUTIVE             
   MAR-01-2001  H  ADDED AS A JOINT SPONSOR                 BURKE                 
   MAR-01-2001  H  ADDED AS A JOINT SPONSOR                 POE                   
   MAR-01-2001  H  ADDED AS A JOINT SPONSOR                 LANG                  
   MAR-01-2001  H  ADDED AS A JOINT SPONSOR                 KLINGLER              
   MAR-07-2001  H                             AMENDMENT NO. 01-EXECUTIVE     H    
   MAR-07-2001  H                                   ADOPTED                       
   MAR-07-2001  H  DO PASS AMENDED/SHORT DEBATE             011-000-000   HEXC    
   MAR-07-2001  H  PLACED CALENDAR 2ND READING-SHORT DEBATE                       
   MAR-08-2001  H  SECOND READING-SHORT DEBATE                                    
   MAR-08-2001  H  PLCD CAL ORDER 3RD READING-SHORT DEBATE                        
   MAR-16-2001  H  THIRD READING/SHORT DEBATE/PASSED        112-000-000           
   MAR-20-2001  S  ARRIVE IN SENATE                                               
   MAR-20-2001  S  PLACED CALENDAR ORDER OF FIRST READING   01-03-21              
   MAR-27-2001  S  CHIEF SPONSOR                            BURZYNSKI             
   MAR-27-2001  S  FIRST READING                                                  
   MAR-27-2001  S  REFERRED TO SENATE RULES COMMITTEE       RULES                 
   APR-06-2001  S       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               ENVIR & ENE           
   APR-25-2001  S                         HELD IN COMMITTEE                       
   MAY-02-2001  S                             AMENDMENT NO. 01-ENVIR. & ENE. S    
   MAY-02-2001  S                                   ADOPTED                       
   MAY-02-2001  S       DO PASS AS AMENDED                  008-000-000   SENV    
   MAY-02-2001  S  PLACED ON CALENDAR ORDER OF 2ND READING  01-05-03              
   MAY-03-2001  S  SECOND READING                                                 
   MAY-03-2001  S  PLACED ON CALENDAR ORDER OF 3RD READING  01-05-08              
   MAY-10-2001  S  THIRD READING - PASSED                   055-000-000           
   MAY-10-2001  H  ARRIVE IN HOUSE                                                
   MAY-10-2001  H  PLACED ON CALENDAR ORDER OF CONCURRENCE  01                    
   MAY-15-2001  H  MOTION FILED CONCUR                      01/KRAUSE             
   MAY-15-2001  H                        MOTION REFERRED TO HRUL                  
   MAY-15-2001  H  CALENDAR ORDER OF CONCURRENCE            01                    
   MAY-21-2001  H  MOTION                                   TO CONCUR SA #1       
   MAY-21-2001  H  RECOMMENDS BE ADOPTED                    HRUL                  
   MAY-21-2001  H  CALENDAR ORDER OF CONCURRENCE            01                    
   MAY-22-2001  H  HSE CONCURS IN SEN AMENDMENTS (NO.)      01/114-000-000        
   MAY-22-2001  H  PASSED BOTH HOUSES                                             
   JUN-20-2001  H  SENT TO THE GOVERNOR                                           
   AUG-16-2001  H  GOVERNOR APPROVED                                              
   AUG-16-2001  H                            EFFECTIVE DATE 02-01-01              
   AUG-16-2001  H  PUBLIC ACT.............................. 92-0383               


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