92nd General Assembly
Status of HB3982
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   605 ILCS 5/4-302.1 new                                                      

        Amends the Illinois Highway Code.  Creates the  Highway  Projects      
   Review  Board. Provides that the board shall be composed of 12 members      
   of the General Assembly, with 3 members appointed by  each  of  the  4      
   legislative  leaders.  Provides that the members shall serve for their      
   terms of office, except that no appointment shall last longer  than  3      
   years.   Provides  that  the  board  shall  monitor  and  evaluate the      
   implementation of State highway improvement plans and report  annually      
   to  the  Governor  and  the General Assembly regarding the progress of      
   major road construction in the State.                                       
          FISCAL NOTE (Department of Transportation)                           
          This bill creates a Project Review Board, which could lead to        
          increased reporting requirements to the Board and delayed de-        
          sign or development of highway projects. It is impossible to         
          determine the fiscal impact that this bill will have on the          
          Department. We cannot estimate the staff costs involved since        
          we do not know the amount and type of requests that the De-          
          partment will receive.                                               
   JAN-28-2002  H  FILED WITH CLERK                                               
   JAN-28-2002  H  FIRST READING                                                  
   JAN-28-2002  H  REFERRED TO HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE        RULES                 
   JAN-30-2002  H       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               TRANSPORAT'N          
   FEB-21-2002  H  DO PASS/SHORT DEBATE                     015-003-001   HTRN    
   FEB-21-2002  H  PLACED CALENDAR 2ND READING-SHORT DEBATE                       
   MAR-20-2002  H                         FISCAL NOTE FILED                       
   MAR-20-2002  H  CALENDAR ORDER 2ND READING-SHORT DEBATE                        
   MAR-22-2002  H  SECOND READING-SHORT DEBATE                                    
   MAR-22-2002  H  HELD ON CAL ORDER 2ND RDG - SHORT DEBATE                       
   APR-04-2002  H                             AMENDMENT NO. 01-MORROW             
   APR-04-2002  H                     AMENDMENT REFERRED TO HRUL                  
   APR-04-2002  H  HELD ON CAL ORDER 2ND RDG - SHORT DEBATE                       
   APR-05-2002  H                             AMENDMENT NO. 01-MORROW             
   APR-05-2002  H  RECOMMENDS BE ADOPTED                    HRUL/004-000-000      
   APR-05-2002  H  HELD ON CAL ORDER 2ND RDG - SHORT DEBATE                       
   APR-05-2002  H  RE-REFERRED TO RULES COMM/RULE 19(A)     RULES         HRUL    
   JAN-07-2003  H  SESSION SINE DIE                                               


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