92nd General Assembly
Status of SB0497
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   35 ILCS 200/20-180                                                          
   35 ILCS 200/20-190                                                          

        Amends the  Property  Tax  Code  concerning  the  tax  collection      
   process.   Provides  that  in cases where general taxes levied on real      
   property have been delinquent for a period of 20 years (now 30 years),      
   the taxes shall be presumed to be uncollectible. Provides that actions      
   for the collection of any delinquent general tax or the enforcement or      
   foreclosure of the tax lien shall be commenced within 20 years (now 30      
   years) after the tax became delinquent and that after 20 years (now 30      
   years) the tax lien  shall  be  discharged  and  released.   Effective      
   January 1, 2002.                                                            
   FEB-20-2001  S  FIRST READING                                                  
   FEB-20-2001  S  REFERRED TO SENATE RULES COMMITTEE       RULES                 
   FEB-28-2001  S       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               REVENUE               
   MAR-29-2001  S       DO PASS                             008-000-000   SREV    
   MAR-29-2001  S  PLACED ON CALENDAR ORDER OF 2ND READING  01-03-30              
   MAR-30-2001  S  SECOND READING                                                 
   MAR-30-2001  S  PLACED ON CALENDAR ORDER OF 3RD READING  01-04-02              
   APR-03-2001  S  THIRD READING - PASSED                   053-000-000           
   APR-03-2001  H  ARRIVE IN HOUSE                                                
   APR-03-2001  H  PLACED CALENDAR ORDER OF FIRST READING                         
   APR-03-2001  H  HOUSE SPONSOR                            CURRIE                
   APR-04-2001  H  FIRST READING                                                  
   APR-04-2001  H  REFERRED TO HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE        RULES                 
   APR-06-2001  H       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               REVENUE               
   APR-24-2001  H  ADDED AS A JOINT SPONSOR                 MOORE                 
   MAY-03-2001  H  DO PASS/SHORT DEBATE                     011-000-000   HREV    
   MAY-03-2001  H  PLACED CALENDAR 2ND READING-SHORT DEBATE                       
   MAY-08-2001  H  SECOND READING-SHORT DEBATE                                    
   MAY-08-2001  H  PLCD CAL ORDER 3RD READING-SHORT DEBATE                        
   MAY-09-2001  H  THIRD READING/SHORT DEBATE/PASSED        113-000-000           
   MAY-09-2001  S  PASSED BOTH HOUSES                                             
   JUN-07-2001  S  SENT TO THE GOVERNOR                                           
   AUG-01-2001  S  GOVERNOR APPROVED                                              
   AUG-01-2001  S                            EFFECTIVE DATE 02-01-01              
   AUG-01-2001  S  PUBLIC ACT.............................. 92-0201               


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