92nd General Assembly
Status of SB1685
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   5 ILCS 80/4.13            from Ch. 127, par. 1904.13                        
   5 ILCS 80/4.23 new                                                          

        Amends the Regulatory Sunset Act.   Extends  the  repeal  of  the      
   Wholesale Drug Distribution Licensing Act.  Effective immediately.          
        SENATE AMENDMENT NO. 1.                                                
          Adds reference to:                                                   
          225 ILCS 120/25                 from Ch. 111, par. 8301-25           
          225 ILCS 120/35                 from Ch. 111, par. 8301-35           
        Amends the Wholesale Drug Distribution  Licensing  Act.  Provides      
   that   the   Department  shall  provide  by  rule  for  fees  for  the      
   administration of the  Act  (rather  than  providing  specific  fees).      
   Provides that all fees collected under the Act shall be deposited into      
   the  Illinois State Pharmacy Disciplinary Fund and appropriated to the      
   Department  for  its  ordinary  and   contingent   expenses   in   the      
   administration  of  the  Act  (rather  than specifying the uses of the      
   JAN-30-2002  S  FIRST READING                                                  
   JAN-30-2002  S  REFERRED TO SENATE RULES COMMITTEE       RULES                 
   FEB-20-2002  S       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               LICENSED ACT.         
   FEB-28-2002  S                             AMENDMENT NO. 01-LICENSED ACT. S    
   FEB-28-2002  S                                   ADOPTED                       
   FEB-28-2002  S       DO PASS AS AMENDED                  008-000-000   SLIC    
   FEB-28-2002  S  PLACED ON CALENDAR ORDER OF 2ND READING  02-03-05              
   MAR-05-2002  S  SECOND READING                                                 
   MAR-05-2002  S  PLACED ON CALENDAR ORDER OF 3RD READING  02-03-06              
   MAR-06-2002  S  THIRD READING - PASSED                   054-000-000           
   MAR-06-2002  H  ARRIVE IN HOUSE                                                
   MAR-06-2002  H  PLACED CALENDAR ORDER OF FIRST READING                         
   MAR-20-2002  H  HOUSE SPONSOR                            SAVIANO               
   MAR-20-2002  H  FIRST READING                                                  
   MAR-20-2002  H  REFERRED TO HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE        RULES                 
   APR-10-2002  H       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               EXECUTIVE             
   APR-18-2002  H  DO PASS/SHORT DEBATE                     013-000-000   HEXC    
   APR-18-2002  H  PLACED CALENDAR 2ND READING-SHORT DEBATE                       
   APR-23-2002  H  SECOND READING-SHORT DEBATE                                    
   APR-23-2002  H  PLCD CAL ORDER 3RD READING-SHORT DEBATE                        
   APR-24-2002  H  THIRD READING/SHORT DEBATE/PASSED        076-039-000           
   APR-24-2002  S  PASSED BOTH HOUSES                                             
   MAY-23-2002  S  SENT TO THE GOVERNOR                                           
   JUN-26-2002  S  GOVERNOR APPROVED                                              
   JUN-26-2002  S                            EFFECTIVE DATE 02-06-26              
   JUN-26-2002  S  PUBLIC ACT.............................. 92-0586               


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