92nd General Assembly
Status of SB1813
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   10 ILCS 5/25-11           from Ch. 46, par. 25-11                           
   70 ILCS 805/3c                                                              

        Amends the  Election  Code  and  the  Downstate  Forest  Preserve      
   District Act.  Provides that in a forest preserve district that elects      
   commissioners  by  district who are not also county board members, the      
   president of the board of commissioners shall fill a  vacancy  in  the      
   office  of  commissioner by appointment within 60 days with the advice      
   and consent of the other commissioners.  Vacancies in  the  office  of      
   such  forest preserve president shall be filled by the forest preserve      
   board of commissioners by appointing one of the commissioners to serve      
   as president.  Effective immediately.                                       
   FEB-06-2002  S  FIRST READING                                                  
   FEB-06-2002  S  ADDED AS A CHIEF CO-SPONSOR              DILLARD               
   FEB-06-2002  S  ADDED AS A CHIEF CO-SPONSOR              KARPIEL               
   FEB-06-2002  S  ADDED AS A CHIEF CO-SPONSOR              ROSKAM                
   FEB-06-2002  S  ADDED AS A CHIEF CO-SPONSOR              CRONIN                
   FEB-06-2002  S  REFERRED TO SENATE RULES COMMITTEE       RULES                 
   FEB-20-2002  S       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               LOCAL GOV             
   FEB-26-2002  S       DO PASS                             009-000-000   SLGV    
   FEB-26-2002  S  PLACED ON CALENDAR ORDER OF 2ND READING  02-02-27              
   FEB-27-2002  S  SECOND READING                                                 
   FEB-27-2002  S  PLACED ON CALENDAR ORDER OF 3RD READING  02-02-28              
   MAR-06-2002  S  THIRD READING - PASSED                   054-000-000           
   MAR-06-2002  H  ARRIVE IN HOUSE                                                
   MAR-06-2002  H  HOUSE SPONSOR                            DANIELS               
   MAR-06-2002  H  PLACED CALENDAR ORDER OF FIRST READING                         
   MAR-13-2002  H  FIRST READING                                                  
   MAR-13-2002  H  REFERRED TO HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE        RULES                 
   JAN-07-2003  S  SESSION SINE DIE                                               


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